We are living in a plastic world but there are few things which brings us close to nature.  One such thing is a clay cup  which you will always find  being put into various uses in almost every part of Bengal. Tea is being very famously served in these clay cups, also locally known as bhar or khuri. The tea loving bengalis of the city are ready to swear that these clay cups render a unique and earthen aroma to the tea. People from all walks of the life could be seen enjoying a cup of tea along the side walks of the streets.

Apart from just tea, these terracotta cups have found several other utilities as well. Here, I took this picture from a stall serving kulfi-falooda, which is an indigenous version of egg-less ice-cream served with falooda and rose syrup. Apart from this, during the summers, you will also find the yogurt based drink lassi being served in these cups.

If you visit the city for the first time, you will  surely be tempted to keep these cups as a souvenir as I did in the beginning. But as you get to spend few more days here, you will find several of these simply lying around, on being tossed aside after use. Also, these are not as hardy as they seem to be! So what if they cannot be kept in your souvenir shelf, they surely leave you with an aromatic memory of the amazing tea often served in these cups.