Fairlawn Hotel Restaurant Kolkata


 Fairlawn Hotel : The Hidden Treasure Of Kolkata

The garden lawn of the Fairlawn hotel in Kolkata might have changed over the years but every corner of the place has some story to tell . Fairlawn been our preferred destination for relaxation and unwinding for quite a long time now and the more we went there the more we fell in love with the place. The quaint little place tucked in the heart of the city of Kolkata,  is situated at a stone throw distance from the famous New Market, just behind the lane connecting the Indian Museum. However, there are many surprises waiting to be unveiled about this beautiful and mesmerizing hotel once you step in there.

The Ground Floor lobby.
The first floor lobby.
The first floor lobby.



The 200 Hundred Years Old History Of The Great-Grand Fairlawn Hotel In Kolkata:

The first time visitors to this hotel are bound to be fascinated by the looks of this place. The place has a certain colonial aura.  But I was surprised when I came to know that, it is not just a century old, but is way over 200 years old!

It was first built by an European by the name of Mr. William Ford, in the year 1783. At that time, these kind of brick and mortar houses were not as common as they became later. A special permission was needed from the ruling nawabs , and it was a costly affair as well. The local Bengalis at that time were allowed to build their houses with coconut and palm trees bound by mud. Well, in the later years, this property exchanged several hands and eventually in the early 20th century, a very sharp Armenian business woman by the name of Rosie Sarkies acquired this property to run it as the Fairlawn Hotel.

The poster for the Hollywood movie, City of Joy. Note the autographs of the famous stars below the pics.

Hollywood & The Fairlawn Hotel:

This family owned and run hotel is a recipient of several awards and recognition. Throughout all these years, it has served many famous personalities and is still a favorite place to stay for some popular figures. The Kendall family was one of their longest staying guests who would embark upon their theatrical journey to the whole country from this hotel. Their eldest daughter, Jennifer Kendall later married the handsome Bollywood star, Shashi Kapoor. They even had their honeymoon here in this hotel. Also, while shooting the Hollywood movie, City of Joy, the entire cast and crew is believed to have stayed here. This hotel was one of the personal favorite places of the Hollywood actor, Patrick Swayze.

The share of limelight of this hotel at a display.

06Today, this hotel in Kolkata city not only offers their rooms to the guests, but their front garden lawn is a very popular hangout place among the youngsters of this city. The menu is simple and they serve chilled beer along with some delicious finger-foods. A meal for two will come around for Rs. 650/- or USD 10. Sunday’s are usually a full-house show for these people, but the weekends also witness a decent footfall.  The room tariffs vary according to the season and bookings can be done online through their website. They offer rooms of various ranges along with several modern amenities like air conditioning, WiFi internet facility, etc. A stay at a hotel like this will take you back in the past and let you to re-live the grandeur of that period.

UPDATE – March, 2017: Upon our recent visit we came to know that they have stopped serving Beers. They didn’t reveal any reason however, later we came to know through some of our friends in the city that they have failed to get their liquor serving licence renewed.