Dehradun Points of interest

Dehradun is gaining prominence on the country’s map due to a unique idea initiated by a group of young minds and the place is becoming a hot bed of creative activities

Uttarakhand is a perfect getaway destination for so many good reasons.  It is the only state which perfectly epitomizes diversity.  Spread over 53,483 square kilometers, there is enough for everyone in the state. Urban travellers can find their kind of bliss while exploring the hip and happening city life in other parts of India.  But if you are truly looking for an escape then there are plenty of options Uttarakhand can offer. Scattered around the epicurean state are majestic mountains studded with unique flora and fauna, the splendid heritage, the splendid spiritual locations, the lush green jungles with diverse wildlife and a unique club where you can find your creative bliss.

In this regard mention must be made of Uttarakhand’s capital and one of the oldest cities of India, Dehradun. Situated in the Doon Valley on the foothills of the Himalayas, this city is full of surprises. Though the city is generally known for it’s a tapestry of colours, cultures, flavours and landscapes, the serene land is gaining prominence as a hot bed of creativity and a new intellectual movement is taking shape.

Founder- Rohan Raj (Right) and Co-Founder -Neha Raj along with members

The credit goes to the people of Dehradun who are doing things differently to make the city a center of intellectual activities and a hot destination for our country’s young creative minds. It was all started by a young entrepreneur couple Rohan Raj and Neha Raj, who for the first time kick started a unique initiative known as The Booknerds, under the banner of Angrezi Mentor. When the whole world is celebrating the power of social networks and spending maximum time on the internet, The Booknerds is celebrating the joy of reading. It is indeed a great cause as they are bringing back booklovers of the country together.

 The-Book-Nerds-Dehradun-Best-Book-Club1The Booknerds is a well-knit society of voracious readers, booklovers, poets and writers and it encompasses every kind of genre and language other than English. Moreover, the idyllic setting of Dehradun is adding creative fuel to the club’s various activities.

Book is a significant part of a traveller’s life; hence you can submerge yourself completely in a different world while you visit The Booknerds during your stay at Dehradun.

20151018_181253As a part of its activities, the club provides a unique platform to share books, indulge in literary discussions and launch books which can make a mark. It also encourages aspiring writers to produce high value works with a higher vision to produce some of the best authors from this country.

The club organizes various events which are treasure troves of information. As a traveller, as a booklover or as both, you can be a part of these events to get access to information which can help you gain valuable insight not only about the land, but about various other subjects.  You can make your stay memorable, exciting and insightful by becoming part of the club’s unique touring activities such as the recently organized Rajpur Nature Festival. The festival was an attempt to help people well acquaint with Dehradun’s richness through heritage walks and tours, coupled with music, dance, theatre, film screenings and book launch.

DSC_0147Travel and Reading are two inseparable and complementary expressions of life. Both of them lead to a journey which is endless. They are agents of change which can change our outlook, our perception and can change us as a person.  If you are thinking of taking the first step then it’s time to act and The Booknerds can be the perfect place to start. Fasten your belt for an eternal journey to read, rediscover, and redefine amidst the majesty of Dehradun. To know more visit


  1. Creativity pays in the long run. Literary works are slowly dying in this age of Internet and various communication models……am happy at the promotion of literary works by Booknerds young entrepreneurs.