The City Beautiful, Chandigarh

One of the first planned cities of India, Chandigarh is a travelers delight. Its organised infrastructure and well upkeep makes you forget the est of the country. Its brilliant planning and implementation can be attributed to the world famous architect, Le Corbusier, whose creations around the world are quite famous for its aesthetic value. One person who has added to the charm of this city greatly is Mr. Nek Chand, the self-taught Indian artist behind the creation of the famous Rock Garden. This garden is the fruit of his decade long dedication and labour. A humble government official by profession, Mr. Saini in his spare time created this unique garden with nothing but industrial and residential waste. Each of the installations are unbelievably mesmerizing and breath-taking often depicting humans, animals, birds, etc.

Rock Garden Chandigarh

It was in the year 1957 when he came across a part of the forest near Sukhna Lake. For quite sometime this forest was declared as a forest buffer, which means this was a piece of ‘green’ land meant to be left alone without any construction. Such forest buffer act as the lungs of the city by providing fresh air to breath to its citizens. Since, it was well hidden from the public eyes, this was the perfect place to start his hobby of creating sculptures and art forms with whatever waste he could lay his hands upon. This remained his secret art-laboratory for the next eighteen years till it was discovered in the year 1976 by some government officials. By that time he has already expanded over 12 acre area with various sculptures and installations. After seeing his talent and the uniqueness of this art, the people of the city voted to keep this rock garden as a public park for everyone to enjoy.

Chandigarh Rock Garden
It is fascinating to see how different objects can be made out of the discarded things. These sculptures are made of broken china!

Chandigarh Rock Garden Sculptures   Rock Garden Chandigarh Sculptures Bangles Chandigarh Rock Garden Images

Visit Rock Garden Chandigarh

It is open from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. on all days of the week. Situated in Sector-1 of the city, this public park is situated right next to the Sukhna Lake. The man-made waterfalls and the artificial spring is one of the star attractions of this park.

It would take you almost the whole day to cover this amazing open-air-art. It may involve great deal of walking so it is advisable to carry some water and sun-protective lotion along with you.

Artificial waterfall rock garden chandigarh
Artificial waterfall inside the Chandigarh Rock Garden