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Gavi is a mixed bag of tranquility, natural wonders and adventure, tucked away in a quiet scenic village of Kerala

speakingaloud magazine3It’s every traveller’s dream to explore a destination which is less travelled – to explore a dreamland which is like an imagination. But if you want to make such imagination come true, then Gavi can be the answer to your wanderlust. Situated in a remote village of Pathanamthitta district, Kerala, the land is a canvas painted with nature’s colours. Until recently, the place was a hidden gem, but since the world renowned tourism organisation “Alistair International” listed Gavi as a major Indian eco-tourism destination, it gained popularity among travel enthusiasts from around the world.

speakingaloud magazine1The comfortable climate of the region coupled with lush green valleys and pristine lakes make for an ideal location to escape the chaotic life of urban world. Gavi is surrounded by evergreen forests and can be enjoyed by nature lovers and jungle explorers. Eco-tourism is the main attraction of Gavi and there are plenty of facilities available for tourists. The valleys, forests and grasslands of Gavi are home to endangered species like the Nilgiri Tahr and Lion-tailed Macaque. Besides, the place is a paradise for bird watchers as various exotic birds migrate to Gavi from distant lands. It has been observed that the place is a safe haven for these birds to breed and prosper. There are around 260 known species of birds which can be found in Gavi.

The place offers various adventurous activities which can keep you busy for the entire day.  To witness the diverse wilderness of Gavi, you can take part in a day trip organised by Kerala Forest Development Corporation. The trip starts at 8AM with a sumptuous breakfast and after that trained guides take you through a mesmerising journey. At around 12AM a full course south Indian lunch will refresh you after which you can start the next phase of the journey. After a short row boating on the vast pristine lakes at Gavi you will again hit the road to experience the thrill. Making your way through the forest roads, the safari will finally reach the scenic Sabarimala hills, which is famous for cardamom plantation. At around 4PM the trip will conclude followed by cups of refreshing tea. If you want to spend the entire day on water then there can’t be anything better than a boat ride at Kochupamda. With an emerald hued natural backdrop, the lake is an ideal place to forget everything and just relax. Kochupamda Lake offers row boating facilities and you will be accompanied by trained guides.

speakingaloud6If you want to make your nights at Gavi equally exciting then consider staying at the forest camp cottages. These cottages are maintained by Kerala Forest Development Corporation and offer a tranquil atmosphere. As the temperature at Gavi gets a little cold at night, a forest bonfire outside the camp will create an exciting ambience. Besides, you can also opt for accommodation at the Swiss Cottages.  For a luxurious stay you can go for Green Mansion, an accommodation facility with 11 well appointed rooms and a spectacular view of the jungle and Gavi Lake.

speakingaloud7Gavi can be easily accessed by road, rail and air. It is just 199kms from the Madurai airport from where you can take a car and bypass through Vandiperiyar or Thekkady. Gavi can be accessed conveniently by rail. Kottayam Railway Station is the nearest station which is 128kms from Gavi. Besides, you can also reach Gavi from Eranakulam Railway Station or Madurai, Tamilnadu Railway Station. If you are travelling in the daytime then don’t forget to visit the Periyar Tiger Reserve, which is en-route and can be reached by car from Vandiperiyar. Apart from tigers the reserve is home to elephants, leopards, bears and mouse deer. Besides, Gavi is the only place where the rare “gopher trees” can be found. In India there are only two such trees and both can be found only in the magical land of Gavi.


  1. Wow, those shades of green are unrealistic!!!! Amazing! I’ve been in Kerala for quite a while and visited some cities.. My favorite city in India is actually Kochi…! And I traveled also throught the back waters of Allepey, Munnar and the Periyar sanctuary and the landscapes were dreamy! But nothing like what seems Gavi is! It’s always good to find out about insiders, off road tips! Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re welcome! We have also just started exploring the Southern India. Latest was our visit to the western part of our country where we visited Diu, an amazingly small island town which is an erstwhile Portuguese colony. You may like to give it a whirlwind look through the latest posts.