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Canons protecting the majestic Portuguese Fort Diu

Diu Fort – One Of The Seven Wonders Of Portugal From The Indian Sub-Continent

Diu Tourism Diu Fort Images
Diu Fort is situated where the Fort Road or the Bandar Road ends. This road passes along the bevy of hotels, along the coast of Arabian Sea. Post annexation of the Diu Island by the Government of India in 1961, this fort is now being controlled by the Archaeological Survey of India under the flagship of the Government of India.Being one of the major tourist sites of this island, it receives a major footfall during the winter months of the year. Although a well-informed traveller can explore this place on its own, but there is no harm in getting a Guide to surmise you the history of this place for $4 or INR 200/-.
Diu Fort images Gujarat
While the history of this Fort is nothing less than being grand, the entrance to this majestic Fort tells us about the sorry state of this once unfathomable Portuguese garrison. Over the period of time, lack of upkeep and erosion has turned this place into a dilapidated structure of glorious past.
Daman Diu Fort Gujarat
This Sandstone and Lime-mortar Fort was built by the Portuguese in 1535. If you want to visit then, it is open on all days of the week from 8am to 6pm. Attracting visitors from every corner of the world, this fort is a heaven for history-loving-photography-enthusiast travellers.

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Portuguese Fort Diu
A Seal of the Portuguese on the wall of the Fort. This you can see upon entering the Fort itself.
Diu Fort Images
Among the numerous buildings inside the Diu Fort, which are in their ruins today, once they were of great prominence. This one used to be what we have today as a morgue. Back in those days, when a Portuguese died here, his body would be preserved for few days till someone from his family could come to claim his body for his last rites.
Diu Fort images
Our Guide told us that this hardwood door has halted a many advancing enemies who wished to enter and capture this Portuguese Fort. Employing an unique defense mechanism, the protruding metallic nails caused heavy casualty to the advancing forces when they tried to collided hard to force open this gigantic door!! All these techniques helped the Portuguese to hold this fort for over 4 centuries.
Diu Fort Tourism images
Erstwhile weapons of severe destruction, these canon balls now serve a whole different purpose inside the Fort. Today they are used to beautify this place.
Diu Fort Jail
The Government of Diu and the Archaeological Survey of India are the official caretakers of the Diu Fort, a small part of this Fort houses the only jail of the Diu Island. This part is a restricted place and the civilians are not given the permission to enter. The crime rate is so low on this island and the proof of this fact is that there are only two inmates to this correctional centre.
Diu Fort Architecture images
Artillery Section of the Diu Fort
Diu Fort Pillars
A perfect symmetry presents a fascinating view in this part of the fort. An array of pillars standing along a line gives us a hint of the architectural prowess of the Portuguese settlers. With the sun out, the play of light and shadow adds to the charm of this section of the fort.
Diu Fort images
The Anti-Aircraft Guns of The Portuguese Army.
Diu Fort Church
One of the several chapels on the Fort complex.. Although almost in its ruins, the architecture tells us a story of its glorious history.
Diu Tourism Diu Fort Lighthouse
One can access the top of the Diu Fort Lighthouse, and enjoy the breathtaking view of the entire island and the Arabian Sea.
Hoka tree Diu Island
The Hoka Trees, found exclusively on the Diu Island are believed to be brought here by the Portuguese settlers. These trees can be noticed up to a radius of 20 kms. of the island. Locals mentioned that they bear a delicious fruit in the winters which is very popular among them.
Diu Fort Lighthouse images
Lighthouse, Diu Fort. It is the highest point at the entire Diu Island and its beam extends up to 32 kms. in the sea.
Daman Diu Fort Tourism images
For some 400 years, the Portuguese manned this part of the Arabian Sea from these fort walls. In 1961, Government of India annexed Diu along with Daman and Goa, and brought them under the governance of India.


Diu Fort Portuguese Rule

Diu Fort Canons
The ramparts of the Fort display a majestic array of canons, dating back to the time when the Portuguese ruled this town.


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