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Sunset At Diu Island

Visiting Diu Island – Fort Road or Bandar Road

Bandar Road, which locally translates into port road runs along the beautiful Arabian Sea following the periphery of the Diu Island up till the Diu Fort. Starting from the Diu Bus-Stand to the Fort, this is one of the most happening locations on this island. Numerous hotels, amazing eateries and a series of liquor stores line this part of the town. For all those who are looking for some fun and good sea-food, this is the place you have been looking for!

If you are lucky enough to get yourselves a sea-facing room for yourselves, you would get to treat your senses with some of the most luxurious views bestowed by the serene Arabian Sea.

Diu Island Fort Road Images
This port road is lined with hundreds of fishermen trawlers, being tied to the piers. Every morning it is a hustling scenario when the routine business is carried on.
Diu Island Fort Road Fishing Boats
A sunny afternoon on the island when the trawlers are happily bobbing with the incoming tide. While all this time, the fishermen are catching up on their sleep. This prepares them for their late night journey to the deeper stretches of sea for fishing and crab hunting.
Diu Island Arabian Sea Fishing Boat
It is such a simple joy to see the waves making gentle sounds as they hit the shore. It is so therapeutic to see the incoming lapping waves and realizing that it is an unending phenomenon which has been happening for millions of years, and would continue for yet another million!
Mozambique Hotel Diu
This hotel or boarding house is one of the oldest ones around here on this island. Surprisingly, it is still functional. Among the early settlers of this island, a sizeable chunk of population included the slaves brought in by the Portuguese. Most of them were of African origin, often hailing from Mozambique. Its entry might not be as grand as its history as one may have to find its entry through a vegetable market, but then it is very hard to miss its facade and imposing architecture.
Diu Travel Images
A sea-facing hotel room can offer you some of the breath-taking views of the Arabian Sea. In the distance, the Ghoghla Beach of Diu can be seen which is known for its white sand beach.
Fort Road Diu Bandar Road
The piers at Bandar Road, to which the trawlers are often tied to. Here, the fishermen load and unload materials to or from their boats. Before each fishing trips, crushed ice and salt is fed to the bellies of these boats and when they return, the bounty from their fishing expedition is offloaded.