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Chandigarh Rose Garden – Winter Bloom

The spring season is in its full bloom as the winter days are over and even the flowers are enjoying the fresh rays of sunshine. This could be best possible time to plan a visit to Chandigarh, where the Rose Garden is in its full grandeur. With over 1600 different varieties of both indigenous as well as imported varieties of roses at display, even the air we breathe is laden heavy with the aromatic fragrance of this beautiful flower.

Chandigarh Rose Garden Images

Chandigarh Rose Garden is one of the major tourist attractions of this city. Spread over 30 acres of land, this recreational spot is a major crowd puller int he months of February and March when the roses are in their full bloom. This botanical garden also hosts their annual rose festival, known as the Festival of Gardens, around this time when several activities and contests are held for the citizens to participate in.

Chandigarh Rose Garden



Having an ecological rich urban garden, right in the heart of the city makes Chandigarh one of few cities of the world to have one. Not only it is known for its variety of roses, but it is also one of the biggest of its kind in Asia. This biological garden also has a large variety of other plants and trees which are known for their unique medicinal or other value.

Best Time To Visit : Needless to say, the months of January-March are the best time to visit this garden. During this time the flowers are in their best bloom. Since the climate is also pleasant during this time, one can easily explore the entire biological garden in 4-5 hours.

Chandigarh Rose Garden Rose Images Chandigarh Rose Garden Images Chandigarh Rose Garden Images India                Chandigarh Rose Garden Images