South Indian restaurant in Kolkata

Healthy Cravings With South Indian Food At Banana Leaf

India is known for its vastness, with equally diversified culinary heritage. However, among all, the delicious South Indian dishes make one perfect meal which combine a right portion of carbohydrates with protein and minerals.The dosa is a paper-thin crepe, which is made with a batter made out of a lentil known as urad, which has been soaked overnight. next it is ground into a thick paste. The deft hands of the chef pours it on a hot surface, oiled very marginally and turns it into this paper fine dosa. In a Masala dosa, a filing is put into this wrap. This filing is generally made out of mashed potatoes tempered with some spices and herbs, or as in my case, I had some grated cheese spread generously over it.

Sambhar To The Dosa:

The dosa is always served along with a soupy side dish known as sambhar. It is a simple South Indian curry is made of lentils and various vegetables like potatoes, onion, tomatoes, carrots, gaurds, aubergines, drumsticks, etc. They can basically put any kind of vegetables in it! To enhance the flavors, it is tempered with some mustard seeds and herbs like curry leaves. It gets its tangy taste from a generous amount of tamarind, which goes into it. South Indians prefer their food fiercely hot and spicy, so don’t be surprised if you find some dried red chilies into your bowl of aromatic sambhar. Your order of dhosa, comes a chutney which is a fine paste made of grated coconut and dry-fried lentil with some green chilies and salt.

Best South Indian Food In Kolkata – Banana Leaf, Deshapriya Park

When all three, dhosa, sambhar and chutney are put together, it gives you a complete and wholesome meal which is tasty as well as nutritious. Without being loaded with unnecessary fats, it gives you a kick to go all throughout the day!! So, if you are in Kolkata, then grab a bite at Banana Leaf at Deshapriya Park. Offering an authentic taste of the South Indian cuisine, they boast a huge variety in their menu. They offer more than 20 variants of dosas  itself, along with several other South Indian dishes like Utthapam, Idli, Vadas, etc. Surprisingly you get all this in an absolutely pocket friendly rate! If you are ever in Kolkata, do not forget to check out this place because good food always ups the quotient of comfort of travelling!!