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8. Are You Stuck In A Stressful Life?

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Did the recent US election and Rs 500, Rs 1000 notes ban at our home front has stressed you out? Counting votes and counting notes, both can cause stress, but is that hurting your health?

We are giving you some of the easy ways to deal with just any kind of stress. Say cheers to a better lifestyle with a cheerful bent of mind.

7. Are You Thinking Or Worrying?

You must be thinking that, doesn’t both mean the same? Well, while thinking has a positive annotation attached to it, worrying is often frowned upon as something negative. In plain and simple words, thinking means planning or contemplating about what has to be done next, but worrying is all about ‘what if’!

Researchers often say that worries often don’t even materialize, but while your were chewing your nails off, your body took a major hit in terms of health. It may not be noticeable in the short-term but there is a surge in the level of the stress hormones in your body. Over a longer period of time, such rise in the levels of the stress hormones lead to several complications like hair fall, dulling of skin, loss of appetite, lethargy, and subsequently to weakness and loss of interest in personal as well as professional matters of life.

So, channelize your thoughts. Avoid worrying. Do not brood over ‘what could have been done’ or ‘what if something happens’. Distract yourself whenever you start thinking.

6. Listen To Some Music

The rhythm and beats of any kind of music can be of a great help when you are feeling low and beaten down. Sometimes, music brings back a lot of happy memories which instantly brings you to a happy place. Try listening to country, rock, and pop songs which are full of energy and beats. Avoid jazz and blues, as they may prove to be counter-productive sometimes.

5. Eat Chocolates Without Worrying About Your Diet

Who doesn’t feel nice after enjoying a bar of chocolates? Well, most of us don’t know that actually our body also feels good after an occasional indulgence in some high-quality Dark Chocolate. Researchers have been shouting on the top of their lungs for quite sometime that chocolates relaxes our mind and brings down the level of stress hormones.

So, give your diet a skip by enjoying a complete bar of chocolate just by yourself!

4. Step Out And Have Some Fresh Air

Boot up and take a walk. Step out of the place which is constantly bringing you bad memories back into your thoughts. Change in scene and mingling with people brings chi in your life. While walking, enjoy the views around. Be it the chaos of lives, but they can still offer you a different perspective.

Do yourself a favor, and on your neighbor too by taking their dog on a walk. Maybe it will be a favor to the dog as well!! Dogs bring about happiness and cheerfulness in our lives. They are like power house of love and devoted affection towards humans. So, try to grab on to that when you are feeling dull and low.

3. Pay Attention To Your Diet

It is human tendency to neglect nutrition when stress engulfs your living. However, this might not be the first time you must be hearing that it is very dangerous to overlook the proper diet. Believe us, it is 100% true. As your body is going through a turmoil of hormones caused by stress and depression, it needs special attention to the fuel which keeps it running and fighting. If the fuel is not good enough, then the whole system gets on the verge of a collapse.

Our human body is just like a machine, if it not taken care of, the wear and tear shows. Without proper diet, lethargy sets in and causes malnutrition. This makes you feel drained and edgy throughout the time. Such short-fused nature can cause you a lot of troubles in both professional as well as in personal life.

2. Talk To Me!

Finally, grab your partner and pour your heart out. Tell him/her what’s bothering you. Maybe that person can offer you a better solution. Don’t hold back your thoughts by thinking why you should discuss your personal matter. It is often our near ones who can help us best to grab hold of our strayed lives.

However, a word of caution here. Be mindful of the nature and character of the person you are sharing your thoughts with. If that one turns out to be a gossip-monger then you might be digging your own grave by sharing your life details with him/her.

We truly hope that these pointers might be of help to cope with stress. We all have been through this phase at some point of time or other. So, always believe that you are not alone. Everybody has gone through this and sailed past, so you can too.

Wish you a happy and stress-free living.