Fictions do have some facts and here’s the proof. Check out these awesome hangout places which you have probably seen on TV and perhaps wished if they were real. The good news is, they are, and now you can re-live those magical moments which you only experienced on screen.

Central Perk, NY (F.R.I.E.N.D.S)

 Central_PerkCentral Perk is this perky little coffee shop where all the six F.R.I.E.N.D.S hung out and spent most of their time. Their brew is excellent and so is their cupcake selection! Gunther “the barista” can treat you with the best cup of coffee anytime! They also provide the opportunity to enjoy Phoebe singing her quirky songs! Smelly cat, grandma, shower song to name just a few! To hang out with our friends on that very orange couch. That’s the dream! Well, If you are a die-hard fan of this 90’s most revolutionizing sitcom, then you are up for a treat! a pop-up shop opened in lower Manhattan to celebrate the 20th anniversary since the pilot episode was premiered and has all sorts of F.R.I.E.N.D.S memorabilia including a smelly-cat litter box!


McLaren’s Pub, NY (HIMYM)

The Final Page, Part One And Two

If you are more into Robin than Rachel and beer than coffee, then we have got the perfect place for you! The favorite hangout spot of the five – The McLaren’s pub is downstairs of the building in which Ted, Lily, and Marshal live in(and later where Robin joins them too) and where the awesome Barney Stinson can be seen using his tricks from his “The Playbook” way too often!  Not only liquor but they serve a pretty decent Hamburger and some sick fries! But don’t be sad if you think that this would all remain your dream that would never come true because this place……..wait for it…..does exist, IRL!!

slide3Y’all crazy HIMYM fans, just go to  240W, 55th Street, NYC and find yourself in McLaren’s except this pub is known as McGee’s! McGee’s was an inspiration to the creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas who used to drink there while working for Letterman on The Late Show.

Williamsburg Diner, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

(2 Broke Girls)

2brwlOwned by Mr.Han Lee, the Williamsburg Diner is this greasy diner where people of Williamsburg, Brooklyn are served by the best friends/roomies- an already broke Max and a rich socialite gone broke Caroline.The delicious food served here is prepared by the slightly (read highly) perverted Ukrainian Oleg. Along with their food, they also keep Max’s homemade cupcakes which help the titular girls getting closer to their dream-owning a cupcake shop! If you ever get the chance to hang out over there- remember! Not to make max mad…cuz that would be the last thing on this Earth you’d want!