Travel is not just about visiting any random destination, it is more than that. A true traveller should consider minute information while travelling so as to make a travel satisfying and fulfilling.  Climate can be a deciding factor when it comes to travel and you should we well aware about the weather condition of a destination you intend to travel. Here are 5 weather apps for travellers, who want to be absolutely prepared all the time.

#Climate (ios)

#Climate is a free app and is smart too. It uses social media as a platform to keep you informed about latest climate change updates and also let you share and act on those updates. If you care for mother earth and want to get in to the action of contribution then this is a perfect app for you.  The app needs a sign-in to access it fully and it is compatible with all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. Not only are you encouraged but this app also allows you to share the updates and stories with your social media contacts.

Chasing Ice (ios)

This app showcase the efforts of famous photographer James Balog and the extreme Ice Survey to keep you informed about the status of disappearing glaciers and ice sheets. The app will give you a stunning audio visual experience and deliver stunning time lapse videos and photographs of the world’s disappearing glaciers. So if you are planning your next adventure on snow capped mountains and preparing to feel the cool icy breeze then you should keep this app handy.  This app is also useful for people who love ice adventure and mountaineering.

WWF Together (ios)

It is a must have app if you are a wildlife enthusiast. This app will let you know about WWF’s latest conservation projects through some stunning photographs and audio-visual presentations.  The app will let you examine the impact of human activity and climate change on wildlife.  The app maintains an exhaustive list of endangered species and provides informative data on the same. The app features interesting write-ups about the latest wild life issues and can be used as reference for many wildlife projects. This app is a tool to remind us of our responsibility towards the resources which have direct impact on the climate.

Images of Change (ios)

NASA’s Images of Change app is a wake-up call to humanity.  It highlights the issue of climate change and other updates from around the world through vivid photographic presentations. This app is curated from NASA’s Global Climate Change Website so it is a pretty serious app dealing with some serious issues. Through this app you can view retreat of the Muir Glacier at ground level. This app also let you view other developments like the expansion of agriculture in the Saudi Arabian desert, and other places around the world

Earth-Now (Android, ios)

This is another high power app developed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA. Through this app you will be able to visualize the latest climate change data superimposed over a Google Earth-style 3D globe. This app also delivers time lapse videos along with information like Air temperature, Co2 levels, Sea level variance etc. Data sets are visually described using “false colour” maps. Colour-coded legends are provided to indicate relative strength or weakness of an environmental condition. The resulting 3D model of the Earth may be rotated by a single finger stroke, and may also be zoomed in or out by pinching 2 fingers