Chandigarh Rock Garden

History has been a witness of several artists who have flourished and contributed hugely to the world of art without having any formal education in art. One such man of great artistic stature was, Nek Chand Saini, who is the creator of famous Chandigarh Rock Garden.

P.C. Indiatimes.
P.C. Indiatimes.

Rise of The ‘Rock’ Man

Mr. Saini was born in the year 1947, and he worked as a Road Inspector with the Public Works Department of Punjab, India. However, being an artist himself, he spun a fantasy land using waste and discards in the forest of the Chandigarh city. He did all this while taking care of his commitments toward his job and his personal life. Not before long, his art was discovered by the citizens of the city as well as the authority. They were naturally aghast to find such beautiful sculptures and artistic objects being made out of discarded objects like broken crockery, floor tiles,  glass bangles, pots and utensils, etc. It was decided to let this garden stay and eventually it became an integral part of the existence of this city. To commemorate his valuable dedication toward this artistic endeavor, Mr. Nek Chand was given the honorable post of the Director of the Rock Garden. With this newly found recognition, he also got the much needed resources at his disposal to further develop this garden.

Today, this Chandigarh Rock Garden is one of the leading tourist attractions of this city with over a thousand people daily. Situated at a stone throw distance from the Sukhna Lake, it is a must-visit.