Trying To Get Pregnant? Learn How You Should Be Planning To Conceive

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Bringing up a child in this world needs some preparations. Many people start by saving for the imminent expenses that are bound to happen once the baby is born. Diapers, nanny, feed, medicines, etc. all these become a part of the daily routine which needs absolute attention. However, before everything else, it is important to take care of the body and mind so as to give your baby a good start right from the beginning, even before it is born. So, if you and your partner are planning to conceive, we are giving you a list to things to take care first.

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Health Check-Up For Pregnancy

Needless to say, a healthy body can only provide for in a better way to an unborn child. In order to ensure that, it is absolutely important to consult your doctor for an overall medical routine check-up. Often our body comes in contact with various infections and in order t fight with them, develop antibodies. Most of the times these infections may or may not exhibit any symptoms. As a result, our body silently fights these invading pathogens and protects us from the inside. However, if you planning to conceive then the equation changes a bit. Such infections may not cause you any symptoms, but the fetus may get damaged. This may cause one to miscarry or worse, damage the fetus and thus hampering its normal development into a healthy baby.

So start consulting with your gynaecologist at least three months before you start trying for a baby. In this way, the doctor shall get a minimum of three menstrual cycles to study and suggest. Along with this, get the blood tests done as advised by the doctor so that hormonal levels in the body can be measured and corrected if needed.

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Say No To Stress

Stress comes naturally to us, and we all understand that. However, at this stage, you might want to stop thinking about ‘what if’s’ in order to reduce unnecessary stress in your life. Often we hear that a happy mind reflects its glow on the face. And, this is 100% true! Stop doing something which has always got you all worked up. Or, if you cannot stop then find out another way of doing it. Identify the root cause of your stress and try to remove that.

You should know that there are some ‘happiness’ hormones in your body, which when released give a feel-good feeling to you. Serotonin is the key hormone among the several hormones of happiness. An increase in its level in the blood prevents depression, negative feelings, promotes happiness and the feelings of contentment. So, if you feeling low then think of the happy memories or take a walk in the sunshine. You may also get yourself a glass of warm milk which is known to contain Tryptophan. This is converted into Serotonin when ingested by our body.

Get Yourself A Period Tracker App

These days life has become completely dependent on our smartphones. With numerous apps and widgets, the whole world is right under our thumb at all times. Gone are the days when you had to mark the dates on your calendar. Now, with a simple click you can mark your dates for a month in a period tracker app and forget to worry about it. It will analyse the data and notify you of all the dates in the following month that your should know about.

For instance, the days when you are supposed to be ovulating. At this time of your menstrual cycle, you are at the peak of your fertility and have the maximum chances of conceiving. This is somewhere around 12-14 days from your first day of appearance of the period. Trying to conceive at this time may give you the best results.

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Ayurvedic Upchar For Those Who Are Planning To Get Pregnant

Ayurveda emphasises that in order to have a healthy reproductive system, it is of utmost importance to take care of the whole body in its entirety. So, planning to conceive a baby should start by taking care of the diet that one takes. This type of care is emphasised for women, but men are equally advised to follow. Make sure that you include the following food in your regular diet:

  • Whole grains and cereals
  • Fresh and organic vegetable and fruits
  • Milk and milk products, like cottage cheese, buttermilk, yogurt, etc.
  • Dried fruits like dates, figs raisins, etc.
  • Almonds or walnuts, whichever is available. These should be consumed after soaking them overnight in some milk.
  • Superfoods like Banana and Apples.
  • Take care to include seasonal vegetable and fruits in your diet. Avoid processed food which is laden with artificial preservatives. Avoid dishes having uncooked fish or meat like sushi, etc. Avoid store bought Mayonnaise as they may contain uncooked eggs. Completely avoid eating Chinese cuisine at restaurants as many of them still use MSG, i.e. Monosodium Glutamate.

Bring The Baby In A Happy World

When you happy, the one growing inside you would also imbibe that happiness in its being. So, start with your preparations and planning to conceive only when you are 100% ready. jitters and cold feet are completely normal when something so big is about to happen in your life. So, talk to your partner. Help each other with their apprehensions so as to drive away any fear of unknown. Educate yourself with knowledge from trusted sources only. Do not follow the internet blindly. No two pregnancies are same so someone else’s normal might not be so with you. It is always best to consult with your doctor. Flood him/her with all your queries. Your doctor should be the one helping away with your qualms and queries.

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